Xin Man Tang Lodge

Xin Man Tang   1

( For whole house rental only. With Kara-OK set,   Beds up to 22 pax,  Breakfast excluded) A leisure house located in fishermen living area, Bagan Teochew.  Just 5 minute walking distance to nearby fish dealer center. Good Scenery and relaxing Area.

Rooms  with Air-Con, TV & Bathroom.

Comfortable Living Hall with Kara-OK Set

Fishing Village Scenery

Rooms Facilities
Standard Room X 3 ( 1 Double Bed ) Air-Con, TV, Bathroom
Quad Room X 4 ( 2 Double Bed ) Air-Con, TV
Living Hall TV & Karaok set (CD or DVD Not include)
Kitchen Gas,Cooking set, refrigerator.
Public bath Room X 4
Breakfast Excluded


Xin Man Tang 2   ( Breakfast excluded)

The new Xin Man Tang Lodge 2 located near by seaside. Suitable for small group’s  visitor.

Doube Room  (2 pax)
Family Room (5pax)


Triple Room (3 pax)


Quad Room (4 pax)


Optional :   Seafood Steam Boat dinner RM25/pax

(  min 10 pax)  Please make reservation ~ 5 day in-advance

Flower Crabs  1 KG           Fish  1 KG        Prawn  1 KG   Fish Ball  30 粒

fish Rool  30 粒        Fish Blades  30 粒 Vegetable, Mi, Mihung      Coke/100 plus 2 bottles


Accommodation + Food Package

RM100 /pax       ( min 15 pax)

Included :  Accommodation   lunch~Fish porridge  Dinner~ Seafood  Steam Boat

  Breakfast~ Nasi Lemak /Mihun/Mi/Coffee


Location Map

The walking distance to Market  Area is take about 25 minutes. If cycling take around 15 minutes. – Wooden Boat transfer service (RM1 /way) available for transfer to and from Jetty Pulau Ketam. Optional: Bicycle Rental:  1 Bicycle RM5/day


Xin Man Tang  1     Rental : RM 600/night  ( for whole house rental only) (bed up to 22pax, With Kara-OK Set, breakfast excluded ) Xin Man Tang   2   Double Room=RM88        Triple Room=RM120        Quad Room=RM160    Family Room=RM200 Rental : RM 988/night  ( for whole house rental, bed up to 26pax, breakfast excluded ) Accommodation+Foods Package = RM100/pax (min 15pax) included accommodation+lunch+dinner+breakfast Please make the reservation in advance, any inquiry kindly contact :  H/P & whatsapp

Miss Chua  012-3370 291