Pulau Ketam is fully equipped with basic facilities.

Electricity Supply
01-01-2008 Tenaga Nasional take over power supply in Pulau ketam.Since 1950’s, Syarikat Electric Pulau Ketam provided Electricity supply 22 hours per day. From 7:30am to 9:30am the power was be interrupted for 2hours. But since mid year 2001, it providing 24 hours full electricity’s supply daily.
Water Supply
In the old days, villagers had to depend on rain water for daily used. Every houses was equipped with at least one water tank. Since 1991, government is providing water supply from mainland via an underground
water pipe from Pulau Indah (West Port), Port Klang.
Telecommunication services
Telekom Malaysia Branch was build in 1961. For Mobile Services such as Maxis (012), TM Touch (013), Digi (016) and Celcom (019) also available right now.
Information Communication Technology
State government set up ICT Center open on 2007. Broadband
service – Streamyx were Available.
The only one is Malaya Bank Pulau Ketam Service Centre (Maybank) are provide basic banking services for all of the villager. It is equipped with ATM services.
Post Office
Before Post Office was found, all the letters were sent through and collected from police station. Post Office was found in 1975.
Police Station
Police Station was found in 1896, Public security is safe.
Pulau Ketam Volunteer Fire Brigade
In the year 1967 Pulau Ketam was caught by fire which destroyed more than 80 houses. In 1972 fire stuck again and destroyed more than 100 houses and shop lots. in conjunction with these tragedies, villagers formed up Pulau Ketam Volunteer Fire Brigade in 1972 to safe guard their own properties.
Hospital Desa Pulau Ketam
It was formed up in 1993 to replace the government clinic. In serious case, the patient will be send to General Hospital in the mainland by speedboat. Beside this, there is a private clinic providing Medical services to the publics.
Education Institution
The are 3 kindergartens, 3 primary school and 1 secondary school here. A few villager prefer to send their children to study in the mainland. The students can study till Form 5. Sungai Lima students went to school by "Students Boat"
The new jetty started to functions in 1991. Ferries provide services daily. Car are not available here because roads are narrow and short. Bicycle was the major transports used. Beside ferry, several boat companies also provide good transportation services daily. Sundries and many goods are transported to Pulau Ketam daily. Speed boat renting services is also available.